Ensemble means “together” or “individual parts comprising a whole,” and this captures the philosophy behind Ensemble Custom Floral — i.e., working closely with clients to co-create their ideal floral design

About Me

Hi, I’m Cayna. I am the owner of Ensemble Custom Floral, a business I started in 2020 to focus on independent floral design for intimate weddings and events.

I graduated from both the University of Michigan (BA) and Eastern Michigan University (MA), and spent 11 years teaching secondary education. After taking time off to have my son in 2016, I decided to pursue a new passion of mine: floral and event design.

Through getting my certificate in event planning and working with another design firm, I have come to love working closely with clients to bring their sense of style and design ideas to reality and make their special events stand out (without breaking the budget).

I live in Plymouth, MI with my husband (Chris) and four-year-old son (William). I love reading, cooking, getting engrossed in new shows, traveling, and spending time with my family.

I look forward to meeting you!

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